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Portuguese French Toast

Portuguese French Toast

Dona Maria’s Rabanadas (Portuguese French Toast)
Sunday Sept 17th 7pm EST
Recipe submitted by  Patricia A
1 can condensed milk
3 cups milk
3 eggs
1 french baguete (can substitute bread type)
Ground cinnamon Sugar (you can also find the sugar and cinamon mix pre made) Sunflower oil (my preference)
- slice bread into 2 inch slices (you can cut thinner slices if preferred)
- in a bowl whisk the three eggs and add a little sprinkle of cinnamon
- in a separate bowl mix the 3 cups of milk and 1 can of condensed milk
- in a bowl mix the sugar and cinnamon (you can choose to add more or less of each depending on your preference)
- set aside a cookie cooling rack with liner to catch grease or line a lasagna type pan with two layers of paper towels (keep the roll of paper towels close)
- place bread slices in your empty frying pan to see how many slices will fit (normally 5-6 slices depending on the size of the pan)
- remove bread and heat oil (I don’t measure the temperature, I’ll drip a small dab of egg to see if it begins to fry)
- soak the number of slices you’re going to fry (5-6) in the milk mixture making sure it soaks up the milk
- quickly run it through the eggs and fry until golden brown (the middle of the bread should remain moist) You’re welcome for the descriptive word usage Dena! 😂
- place on cooling rack or onto paper towels (layer towels over the fried rabanadas as you continue to fry)
- generously dip the rabanadas into the sugar/cinnamon mixture
- can be eaten warm but also keeps well for a day or two and eaten room temp (don’t need to refrigerate)
- if you feel like being a little extra, top the warm rabanada with a scoop of vanilla ice cream 😋 (not part of the tradition but delish) Bom proveito ❤️
If you’ve made French toast, this will feel like a similar recipe but you’ll see it’s very different! 😋This is a typical Portuguese dessert that my grandmother would make every Christmas and New Year’s Eve and we’ve continued the tradition. It’s popular in Brasil too. Old wives tale is that you can’t taste it until you’re done frying all of them or else the ones you fry after the one you ate will be drenched in oil. I’ve never broken the rule because it was burned into my brain! Hahaha!
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