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Drunk Cherries and Olive Tapenade

Drunk Cherries and Olive Tapenade

Drunk Cherries
Find recipe HERE

*Notes from Di: 

have to SOAK the cherries 24 hours before we make this recipe!
The longer they soak the better they taste!

I use non-pareils instead of sprinkles when I make cherries.


Olive Tapenade

2 - 5.75 oz jars green olives

Or 1 large jar

1 - can black olives

4 - cloves garlic

3 - tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1-loaf of good Italian bread or crackers of your choice.

Garlic powder


Drain all the olives. 

Put drained olives in blender or food processor.

Pulse several times, then stop to mix making sure to combine all ingredients and pulse again.

If it needs more liquid add another tablespoon or more.


Continue until mostly chopped.  Do not pulse to much as it will turn to puree.

When done put in dish and season to taste with salt and pepper and more garlic powder if you wish.

Refrigerate until ready to serve with bread and crackers.

Keep any left overs in refrigerator.





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