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OFM Bucks

One Funny Mother Loyalty Program

Because we have so many loyal supporters, we launched our "OFM Bucks" program. You earn OFM Bucks through purchases, referrals and sharing our products and you can redeem those OFM bucks on future purchases.
How to register: Complete your registration by clicking on the RED PURSE button on the OFM store page. You are now earning OFM Bucks!
How to redeem: Click on the RED PURSE  then,"Ways to Redeem" and "Redeem." Use the red dot to scroll to the right until you've reached the number of OFM bucks you'd like to use. Click "Redeem" again and a discount code is created that will show up at check out. 

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Don't Forget...Sign up for our OFM Bucks loyalty program for points toward future purchases by clicking the red purse!