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Steak Diane

Steak Diane

Find the Steak Diane Recipe HERE!

Ladydi will be substituting some things:
1.  I am using chicken - Dena is using STEAK!
2.  Using 1/4 cup Vadalia onion instead of shallot…(that’s what I have-waste not want not.)
3.  I am not using mushrooms (not my favorite) Dena might.
4.  Not buying cognac….never had it.  Using my WALL wine!  
     Recipe says you can also use brandy or BOURBAN!
     You already know what Dena’s choice will be…..LOL
5.  We will both use Half & Half in place of heavy cream.  
6.  Using my regular Paprika.
7.  Using my T-Fal pan - don’t have cast iron skillet.
That’s all folks!   LOL
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